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Energy Issues


One of the ways we look out for your interests is to advocate for co-op members  with local, state and national legislative bodies and regulatory agencies.  Along with our co-op affiliates, we monitor pending legislation as to how it will affect our members and our ability to keep your electric power affordable.

BEMC is meeting all of the NC mandates for renewable energy, but we need your help to press Congress to come up with a balanced national solution that achieves the environmental goals, while still providing the reliable, safe and affordable electricity that is critical to every American family. 

Electric co-ops across the nation are working with Congress and the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) to develop legislation that is realistic and workable.  We invite you to join this effort by adding your own voice to keep reminding our legislators that cost does matter. 

The Cooperative Action Network is the advocacy hub for America's electric cooperatives. It's more important than ever to band together and promote common sense solutions to the problems facing our nation. Please visit the site to learn more about these issues and add your voice to millions of other co-op members.  When millions of co-op voices speak together, we can send a powerful message.


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